The Extended Freedom Network


The Extended Freedom Network is based in the UK. The network is designed to manage digital & analogue connections around the World.

Extended Freedom is a multi-platform network which consists of multiple technologies and modes. The network uses various bridging techniques to bridge all connections from various modes into to one core connection. 

Founded by Bruce Lenton (M0UKB) & Gareth Steele (GM0WUR) as a place where Amateur's were Free to experiment and try new things. But more importantly as a place that was Free of Amateur Radio politics and where YOU the user is in total control of your connection - Freedom to Connect, However & Whenever - YOU DECIDE.

We do NOT believe in connecting up to every node we can find randomly. It is you the user, sysop, keeper who is in charge and we respect that. So we welcome YOU to connect as, when and if YOU decide to.

Extended Freedom is expanded rapidly with multiple ASL servers, & digital servers providing quality multi-mode communications all across the globe.

With the help and support of our Admin Team our network will continue to grow, going from strength to strength and we hope becoming a very popular multi-mode platform to host nets & QSO’s all day-everyday. Our SIP PBX System is another different technology for the network, and also developed our SIP2DMR Bridging systems that allow easy access to a range of DMR Networks and Talkgroups all via your SIP device of choice.

As we move forward in 2023 were looking forward to growing and developing our network whilst always staying true to the core principles that this network is founded the network on.

  • Freedom to connect - however, whenever you the user wants.
  • Freedom to experiment - Encouraging self training and development,
  • Freedom from politics - A Place to enjoy the hobby of Amateur Radio.


The Journey Continues........