Extended Freedom - Net Control


Nets on the Extended Freedom Network are all about one thing, collaboration worldwide & welcoming all amateurs to join the fun.

Our nets have been an integral part of our network, and as we continue forward in 2023. We continue to embrace a variety nets & net operators from around the World! 


Introducing some of our net controllers

The Wednesday Night Net - M(X)0WNN

“It's your weekly visit to the On-Air Radio Club to meet your friends and have some stimulating conversation”
Available: Every Wednesday from 19:30 UK Local / 14:30 EST

MS0NTR Saturday Night Ragchew

The “Saturday Ragchew” with the New Technology Enthusiasts Radio Club MS0NTR.

*This Net is run as a Pop Up Net rather than a regular schedule so keep an eye on the Net Calendar and our Facebook Page for more information

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The M7BYD New Hams Net

“My name is Keith, I’m a newly licenced operator and I welcome you to my net!”

Available: Every Sunday from 20:00 UK Local / 15:00 EST

RCWA Boredom Breaker

RCWA Boredom Breaker Net

This net was started on April 3, 2020 by Johnny Renfro (N5XQK) and the Rogers County Wireless Association officers. It was originally planned as a health and welfare check and also as a way to break the boredom during the restrictions of the Covid pandemic.  It has evolved into a great daily net that many folks look forward to each day.

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The IRN KB1 Multi-mode Net.

The IRN KB1 Multi-mode net is one of the biggest nets on Extended Freedom Network.

Available: Every Friday from 21:00 UK Local / 16:00 EST

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QSO with the Kind Young Ham 2W0KYH

This net held every 2nd Tuesday of the month is your opportunity to have a QSO with Declan who is an incredibly enthusiastic, entertaining and all round star. His net is not one to be missed.

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DV Scotland Phoenix Coast To Coast Net

Saturday Nights - Start time 9pm Until 10pm UK Time


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The “SOTA Net”

Last Friday of every month at 19:30 UK Time

GB-SOTA is a digital multi-platform space where people that are interested in SOTA (Summits On The Air) can come together and talk about SOTA related activities etc.

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Worldwide Ragchew Amateur Radio Net

World Wide Ragchew Amateur Radio Net

Sundays 16:00 UK

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Yota Oceania net 

Net Control: Thomas – ZL3TOM (Operating ZL6YOTA)

Local time: 1900/7 pm NZ every Monday** / 0100/1 am EST Monday (0600 UTC Monday)

Everyone welcome young and experienced amateur operators.

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