What is the Extended Freedom Network?

We are a growing Amateur Radio Network with a difference. Supporting Analogue & Digital Modes.

Our network is built on a simple principle - Freedom

  • Freedom to Use the Network.
  • Freedom to Experiment.
  • Freedom to Connect however and whenever YOU want

As long as it's legal within the Amateur Radio licence we encourage all kinds of experimentation and use on our network.

We operate or own Analogue Nodes on the AllStar Network (Numbers 2195 & 2197) as well as our own DMR Servers (FD_GB_UK_CQ-NORTH & FD_GB_XFreedom_Net), with which we support Analogue, DMR & YSF operations as well as Multimode Operations.



Why are we building the Extended Freedom Network?

  1. Because it's Fun!
  2. Amateur Radio is all about Self Education and Development
  3. We wanted to create a pace that is exciting & fun. A welcoming and inclusive place for all Amateur's from around the world.
  4. We had a Vision of a network that is truly Free.



We are always open to having other networks join in our network.

No matter if your an Analogue Network or if you are a Digital Network we are happy to arrange a peer connection and have you on our DMR Master Server on your own Named TalkGroup.


On the Extended Freedom Network It doesn't matter what licence grade you have, how 'seasoned' or 'new' you are to Amateur Radio we welcome you with open arms.


Join us and let's enjoy those QSO's.