The "GB0NYE" Net - 31st December 2023

The Extended Freedom Network along with many worldwide networks will again be running the annual GB0NYE New Year's Eve net. We are currently putting together our net control line up for this year's global event, so if you would like to be part of the fun, please contact us and we will happily discuss options to suit everyone.


Brought to you by the Extended Freedom Network in association with many other worldwide networks & partners.

This year the "GB0NYE" Net will be bringing in the "New Year" from New Zealand to North America and everywhere in between...... We have an extravaganza designed to showcase some of the best nets and net controllers from all around the world.


You can follow check-ins via "Netlogger" or simply by clicking here (no extra software required)

Connection Methods

You can use any of the methods of connecting directly to the Extended Freedom Network or any other participating network

  • Allstar - Nodes 2195 & 2197
  • Echolink - M0XFN-L or *XFREEDOM*
  • YSF - GB XFreedom (23525)
  • DMR - Talkgroup 23525 on XFN DMR
  • DMR - Talkgroup 23525 on IPSC2 DVSPh
  • DMR - Talkgroup 23525 on FreeDMR
  • DMR - Talkgroup 23525 on TGIF
  • Peanut - YSF-XFN
  • Teamspeak - IRN Teamspeak (KB1 Multimode Links KC1MUV)
  • XFN SIP - #2195
  • Hamshack Hotline - #94115
  • Hams Over IP - #25005

We also support many more methods of connection, these are constantly expanding, so please do check out the website for more info, or contact us if you have a suggestion for another mode, or if you have a "bridge" that you would like to share with us to enable other operators to connect.

Participating Networks

We are very thankful to the following networks that connected to the net

  • International Radio Network (IRN)
  • Bishop Auckland Radio Amateurs Club
  • Mistfist Network
  • CQ North
  • North Pennines Radio Group
  • New Technology Enthusiasts Club
  • Northumberland Scouts
  • South Wales Digital Group
  • Roc-Ham Radio Network
  • South Coast Reflector
  • ANZEL Network
  • Rogers County Wireless Association
  • DoDropIn Radio Network

If you wish to add your network for future events, please contact us and we will be more than happy to have you on board.......