Amateur Radio Operators Inspire Students During British Science Week


As part of British Science Week, amateur radio operators from Bishop Auckland Radio Amateur Club and the Extended Freedom Network recently held a week of special event station activity at three primary schools in County Durham. The event aimed to promote STEM education in the UK by introducing children to the exciting world of amateur radio and its modern-day applications.


The team, which included Ian (G7ESY), Ken (G7BPN) and Val, Kathleen (M0RRL), Tim (M0ACV), Brian (G7OCK), Liam (2E0LDQ), Keith (M7BYD), Helen (MM7HQA), and Gareth (GM0WUR), operated from Staindrop C.E. Primary School (GB4SCE), Hunwick Primary School (GB4HJS), and St Andrews Primary School (GB2SPS).


During the week, the students were given a unique opportunity to learn about the history of amateur radio, Build their own snail Morse keys, which they got to keep as souvenirs, Learn and Try out communicating with Morse code communication, as well as modern data modes like FT8 and FT4 on HF.


The children were also able to use the Extended Freedom Network, a multi-platform network that connects multiple technologies and modes. They exchanged greetings messages with amateur radio operators from around the world, including the United States, Canada, and Lanzarote. Each child then received a participation certificate confirming their participation with the Event and the details of the Station they had spoken with.


In total, the week of special activity resulted in 291 QSOs with 122 different stations in 30 different countries, giving a cumulative connections distance of 532,319 miles.


The event was a great success, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the operators who took part. It's hoped that this event will continue to promote the benefits of amateur radio to young people in the community, inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Station Callsign Total QSO's Total Distance
Total Distance
Times Round
The Earth
GB2SPS 125 402,294 249,974 10.03
GB4HJS 112 338,319 210,221 8.44
GB4SCE 54 116,072 72,124 2.89
  291 856,686 532,319 21.36

Which means the total distance for all our QSO's added together covers a distance greater than traveling to the Moon & Back to Earth!

If you had a QSO with any of our special event stations you can >>CLICK HERE<< and generate a commemorative certificate confirming your QSO's with us.

BARAC & XFreedom Network TeamScience Week 2023 with Hunwick Primary School