PA7LIM's Peanut System

PA7LIM'S The Peanut

Connect to us by Selecting Room "YSF-XFN" from the "GB" Category

On the Peanut you can talk with HAM amateurs around the world via an Android device, network radio or Windows PC.
Peanut is free and only for HAM radio amateurs.

Want to know who's connected? - Check out the Peanut Dashboard.

To learn more about the Peanut System developed by PA7LIM check out the Peanut website!

Supported hardware
  • Any Android device running Android 7.x or higher.
  • Any Windows 7 machine and higher
Supported OS
  • Android 7.x or higher.
  • Windows 7 and higher ( Keep in mind that Windows 7 and 8 are NOT supported anymore by Microsoft!!! )
  • To see all DPLUS ( starting with REF ) rooms you must be USTRUST registered!
  • Make sure you are DMR registered user to use and see the DMR rooms!
  • You need a Peanut code to enter the Peanut network. This will prevent not licensed Amateurs to use the app.

See if you are registered to USTRUST and DMR :

Click here if you want a CODE to login : peanut-request