DVScotland Phoenix 23525

Connect via DV Scotland Phoenix IPSC2 DMR+ Network

We are very grateful to the entire DVScotland Phoenix Team who have allowed us to bring the Extended Freedom Network to their IPSC2 DMR+ Network.

You can connect via the DMR+_IPSC2-DVSPh A/F/K servers (as appropriate) and use TimeSlot: TS1 - TalkGroup: 23525

DV Scotland Phoenix is an independent informal group of radio amateurs, who share a common interest in Digital / Analogue voice systems.

Collectively they operate a number of digital / Analogue voice Repeaters / Nodes, most of which are Multi-mode, operating on D-Star, DMR, System Fusion, FM modes.                                                                         

The Group also host a number of Linux servers to run D-Star XLX600 Reflector, YSF GB-DVScotland Reflector, DV Scotland DMR+ IPSC2 DMR Master Server and Allstar HUB 53937.

DV Scotland Phoenix Repeaters support the following modes;

  • DMR
  • Yaesu Fusion
  • D-Star
  • and FM Analogue voice

Checkout their Official website https://www.dvsph.net