DV Scotland Phoenix

The DV Scotland Phoenix Network

DV Scotland Phoenix Network is an independent informal group of radio amateurs, who share a common interest in Digital / Analogue voice systems. 

Collectively they maintain / operate a number of digital / Analogue voice Repeaters / Nodes throughout Scotland, most of which are Multi-mode, Operating on D-Star, DMR, System Fusion & FM Analogue Voice.

DV Scotland Phoenix network has a large number of Repeaters / HotSpots connected throughout the UK & Ireland.

Their network supports the following modes. 

  • DMR - IPSC2 DMR+
  • Yaesu System Fusion - Via C4FM Reflectors
  • D-Star
  • FM Analogue Voice - Via Allstar and Echolink
  • NXDN
  • P25

Their fantastic website has a wealth of information about how to connect to their network, Which Repeaters you can use to access the DVScotland Phoenix systems and more check out https://www.dvsph.net