RCWA LogoThe Rogers County Wireless Association

is an amateur radio club in Northeastern Oklahoma located at Rogers State University in Claremore, OK. Our club has a good mix of amateur extras, general class, and Technicians.

We have two repeaters in service at this location, a 70 watt, 70cm Yaesu System Fusion and a 75+ watt, 2-meter repeater. The club is very active and more than likely you will find something of interest. Here are some of our activities we host or help with throughout the year:

  • Green Country Ham Fest

  • ARRL VEC testing

  • Repeater engineering and maintenance

  • Annual Field Day operations

  • Ham Rescue - to assist disabled or elderly ham operators with station repairs

  • Emergency Weather nets/storm spotters

  • ARES participation

We also have a lot of club members with interests and would be glad to share: HF radio operations, contesting, CW, HF digital modes, VHF/UHF digital modes, Echolink, D-link, DMR digital, Yaesu system fusion, antenna building, radar, and much more.

More information available on https://rcwa.org

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